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How to Plan a Destination Wedding on a Budget

Planning to have a destination wedding where it only attends by your family and closest friends? But you still have no way to start ? here is the tips from one of our favorite planner.


Set your budget will be one of the very first steps to planning your affordable destination wedding. Budget planning for destination weddings often begins more than a year in advance, and for many, this part of the process can overshadow the joys of planning. But it’s a necessity if you want to save money so you can get your honeymoon as well.


In this modern ear it’s very easy to find so many information including wedding venues. Check all the venues so you can get their package and compare to the wedding planner. Some of wedding planner they can offer you a better price


Some people might be so kind to you but if it comes to your special day ensure you check the package they offer is already net cause some of venues or planners put ++ rate which mean there is 21% tax and service so it can make your wedding budget end up higher than what you wish for


This entertaining theme is ideal for this season, as a summer and garden party go hand in hand. You undoubtedly wish to spend the momentous day in a natural and pleasant setting. If you're an outdoorsy couple planning a summer wedding, a reception outside might be the best option. A picnic wedding reception is a fun and unique alternative to the usual post-ceremony party with a sit-down supper and formal floor layout that will make a great impact on your guests. When you think of a picnic reception, you probably envision a laid-back gathering on the lawn with checkered blankets and wicker baskets, but this style of celebration may take many different shapes.

  1. Location

One of the first steps you’ll want to take when planning a picnic reception is nailing down the venue. Before booking the site, do some research to determine whether you’ll need to acquire a permit. Find the perfect and quite garden so you can enjoy a relax time and gathering with your guest

  1. Seating

Although blankets spread across the grass feels most on theme, you can provide a variety of seating options for optimal comfort. We suggest to use a long table instead so we can elevated aesthetics, wooden benches for rustic events, or carpets and ottomans for low-key affairs.

  1. Decorations

While the seating will help augment your overarching concept, you can use additional décor to bring your vision to life. Our previous couple prefer to have more balloon so after the dinner is done they can use the decoration for a party in the pool. Not only pleasant in the eyes but also useful and fun

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